“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…

I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

― Elliott Erwitt

Honor where you are at today
— Sabrina

About me....

There is something to be said about a time capsule.Photography to me contributes to this idea. It has importance;it is beautiful with its own individuality... and variety; full of all walks of life and media, compelling storytelling and/or facts,creativity and inspires. Basically in general, it’s legacy! Living And breathing Art that lasts, and triggers a feeling! Art that we have personally experienced with laughter, smiles, tears,effort, and a vision. The day of any wedding, or a photoshoot,leaves an excited anticipation of what we create together. Andwe share it with the world.

I was young; maybe 5th grade in 1994. My earliest memory with a camera, was of me taking pictures of friends in class andon the play yard…. and I still have them!! Maybe that's why i remember it! This was way before I had a cell phone; and definitely before digital cameras. I had a point and shoot,cheap! Actually not just one...but many! And I wore them out. I Was always the girl with the camera in her hand, capturing memories that I still visit today. I have moments with people,safe in this little 4x5 print, some smaller, some bigger, but mostly from that 24hr, lab down at walgreens, or somewhere like it. Rolls and rolls of film, negatives in envelopes, in bags,and prints and albums and portfolios in abundance.

My dad gave me my first professional SLR camera and I was finally able to sign up for my first photography enrichment class in high school. And I have not stopped learning since.Many mentors, many lectures, classes, assisting, interning and then finally branching out into my own world. Twenty-one years since that first sophomore photography class, and there's still always something exciting, and passionate about photography that lights me up! To this day, an in every moment spent with my clients.

If you know me, (and some of you do who are reading this)know, I love A LOT! I love my son, food, photography, fashion,movies, singing, dancing, the list goes on. And I am not shy about telling anyone. But most importantly I love people. I am blessed with some amazing loved ones in my life. I just want to share how i feel with them, hoping it’s contagious. I see it in somany people. But when I meet a person in my day to day, and absolutely in my career, I open myself up typically vulnerably. Inot only have to get to know you quickly, but you have to get to know me. There is a trust and a bond that happens, when you allow yourself to be in front of the camera, capturing important moments, or the little fleeting ones of our lives; and they must be documented. My favorite thing to do, is to tell your story in my images.

Brief moments, slowed down and cherished for their true value. Showing the beauty and divine connection that we have in us all. Life is beautiful to me. And I feel like I have the passion and the talent to show that beauty to others through my art.

One of my best friends calls me the eternal optimist. And i love that!