Chris & Christy

As I upload these pictures to my blog early this morning, I have a hard time doing so with out tearing up. You see, if you know me than you probably know Christy is my longest best friend of 23 years. We are like sisters; we’ve been through ins & outs, ups & downs. But no matter what, we are there.  

So I have been inspired to write my speech for their At least the first draft. ;)  But I needed to. I needed to get out what I was feeling as I look at these pictures and make sure it was as special as they deserve. I have to get my heart's point across. And now I am sobbing.

I hope you know how excited I am for you, and how much I am there for you.

I am beyond happy for you both. I can not wait to stand next to you two as you commit to join together in this journey of life.  

Danica - Warrior Princess

Some things cannot be explained. Some questions we never get answers too. So we continue to live with strength and purpose. Conquer every challenge thrown at us to the best of our ability. With kindness, carefree, strength, purpose and trust. Having faith that everything will turn out ok. And that we never have to do it alone. Sometimes the darkness is the light in disguise. 

Danica and her family show us all how to live with these traits.

Sending and receiving healing light and love.